Medical / Pharmaceutical

This is a snap shot of some of the industries that we are currently providing creative packaging solutions for. We are not limited to these industries and our goal is to keep growing this list and finding ways to bring innovative packaging solutions to any industry where growth and niche’ marketing is paramount.

Mankato Packaging employs people who have generous amounts of experience in many of these industries and bring our customers our knowledge and expertise to help you drive your business through creative packaging solutions.

Below are just a few limited examples of the products we have designed and produced for our customers:


MC Pharmaceutical

We understand that choosing a packaging company is a big decision and we are confident that if you get to know us at Mankato Packaging we will make the transition from your current packager smooth, stress-free and maybe even a little fun! However, if we still have not sold you we invite you to come on over to Mankato and see our plant, meet our people and get to know us a little better…we would love to meet you and our door is always open!